Poetry & Writings

Kami's writings and poetry which appears in both English and Farsi are accessible to readers and fans via his blog (Kami's Corner) and are currently read and following in more than 85 countries around the world.

Most of Kami's paintings are complimented and paired by his own poetry which yet add a new dimension to his creations.

He published his first book titled "Breathless" in December, 2012 (see the BOOK) tab for more details and to get your own copy.


ntoxicated beyond measure; 
the wine, 

Thunderstruck and dazed, 
my heart stolen; 
the thief, 

Conscious or slumbering, 
sensing or numb, 
my only aim, 

The day and the night, 
the sun and the moon; 
the source of all light, 

You, the bidding, 
and you, the requisite; 
the road and the destination, 

You, the ailment I suffer; 
and my only cure, 

Clandestine and enigmatic, 
you are the secret; 
the key to this riddle, 

You, the fertile cloud, 
and you, the rain; 
the “beginning without end”, 

I’m lost and bewildered; 
for there is nothing but you, 
yet all there is, 
is YOU!!!